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Best Vastu services in Siliguri

Sonizi provides problem solving Vastu solutions without breakage and reconstruction which suggests you set an interior according to the right ways that are decided after closely studying certain factors of Vastu Shastra. Your vastu includes main entrance of your space which connects the subconscious with your inner space. Along with this it also includes the position of your toilet, kitchen, bedrooms, puja room, study area and many more. Arrangements of curtains, lighting, mirror, furniture, colors for rooms also play a very important role which affects the vastu of the inhabitants.

Vastu is actually creating a balance of the five elements(water, air, fire, earth & space) between our body and our space.

The Vastu is a science which is still believed in today’s world and we offer Vastu services to ensure our clients are entitled to a complete solution in regards to their construction plans.

It is believed that the Interior of a house, office, and other commercial spaces should be according to Vastu as correct planning helps to create a positive environment which ensures good health, wealth and harmony. Vastu helps you in positioning and placement of items like bed, washing machine , dustbins, inverter, burner, study table, Color of your space etc in an alignment that is sure to have positive impact on the well being of the owner of that space.

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